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Jun 26, 2018



7月7日,就让营养师和素食达人教你如何 正确的吃素 以及 现场烹饪示范 , 教你如何煮出健康的素食!

✨ 《早鸟优惠价: RM30》 ✨

为了要回馈给我们的忠实客户。如今只要您在 30/6/2018 前购买入场券,您就能以优惠价RM30 前来听听 《谁说素食一定健康?》素食营养讲座会!☺

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📣📣 How to stay healthy with a meat-free diet?

❓ Vegetarian diets can certainly meet all your nutritional needs by eating a variety of foods?
❓Almost a quarter of vegetarian think they’re malnourished, with many reporting adverse health effects linked to a meat-free diet.

On 7th July, Nutritionists will share with you

Hurry up! Visit the nearest Idealite outlet or click this link for e-ticket NOW!
RE: This seminar will be conducted in Chinese.

Ticket Price: RM99
✨ 《Early Bird Promo: RM30!》 ✨

Only RM 30 ticket fees for Early Birds!

This promo valid until 30 Jun 2018!

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