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Sep 28, 2018

新美食上架 🍲

一系列健康美食将在 1/10/2018 起在各品味舒食分行开始售卖,我们到时见。

🥘 亚参咖喱糙米粉
细嫩的糙米粉, 与世界四大名菜之一的猴头菇、长豆及茄子搭配, 放入以新鲜桔子及番茄调配的亚三咖喱, 再撒上一丝丝的姜花,薄荷叶及红辣椒, 不仅让这道集合了酸、甜和辣味的亚三咖喱的整体味道更加升华,还会让您口齿留香呢!

🍜 养颜黑豆汤龙须面
采用当归、 黑豆、枸子和红枣熬煮的养生汤,与嫩滑及顺口的龙须面、世界四大名菜之一的猴头菇、豆干、西兰花一块儿吃,真过瘾! 满足味蕾的同时, 又可以帮助补肾, 一举两得。

🍜 猴头菇芝麻姜蓉龙须面
喜爱芝麻的朋友可要注意咯! 这道结合了猴头菇、豆卜、豆干和一系列新鲜蔬菜组成的猴头菇芝麻姜蓉龙须面,味道即香浓又好吃。 您一定要来尝试哦!

🍢 烧烤酱干贝菇
经过油炸的干贝菇, 香香脆脆的, 再蘸上诱人的烧烤酱,简直是棒极了!

🍮 舒食金瓜羹
营养及味道并全的金瓜, 将它调制成餐桌上不可缺少的甜点, 是一种的福气! 祝大家 “金” 神焕发 , 喜乐满满。
Idealite New Food starts from 1 Oct 2018

Message From Our Four Nutritionist Specialist, 👩🏻‍🍳👨🏼‍🍳

🥘 Authentic Assam Curry Vermicelli
The basics of this heart, fiery dish is a bowl of authentic asam curry soup ladle over a bowl of brown rice vermicelli with eggplant, long bean and hericium mushroom. The main distinguishing feature of this dish is asam curry broth which using blended calamansi and tomato and garnished with mint leaves which blend together with the spiciness of the chili. It really a great taste with the combination of sweet, sour and spicy.

🍜 Wolfberries Black Bean Soup Noodle
This warm and hearty dish is packed with fluffy taupok, tofu bean curd, hericium mushroom, shredded Red Carrot, purple cabbage, corn kernel and goji berry. And with a bowl of nutritious soup with a hint of dang gui.
This hearty dish contains of dang gui is improve our blood circulation.

🍜 Sesame Ginger Noodle with Hericium
Sesame Ginger Vermicelli Soup is full of Asian inspired flavours. This soup is a cold fighting soup full of healthy ingredients to boost your body immune system and nourishing vitality. This combination of fresh blended ginger paired with the sesame oil which is rich and comforting.

🍢 King Trumpet Mushroom Fries With BBQ Sauce
King Trumpet Mushroom that are crispy on the outside and chewy in the inside and paired with deliciously smoky BBQ flavour sauce.

🍮 Idealite Pumpkin Sago Dessert
A must try dessert for pumpkin lover. It comes with Vitamin A is essential for healthy, glowing skin, strong eyesight and to boost our immune system.

This message brought to you by Idealite. Always caring our customers. ❤

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