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Oct 18, 2018

Herbal Rice 豆菇茶饭 (Penang Top 5 Famous Bakuteh Award)

Hericium Mushroom best known for its protein and antioxidant content, mixed with assorted tofu, lettuce and stewed with more than 10 types of herbs. This famous Chinese Traditional herb- Dang Gui used in the soup that helps to improve our blood circulation. Suitable for men and women too.

由世界四大名菜之一的猴头菇,扇子菇,灵芝菇,金针菇和豆干, 与超过10种的药膳以慢火炖制而成, 具有补血及活血的功效 。健康与美味兼备,您怎能错过呢?😉

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