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Oct 13, 2018

When you go out with your colleagues, friends and family, what would you eat? Hokkien Mee 🍜, Curry Mee 🍲, Char Kway Teow, Mixed Rice or Pan Mee? Is the food you eat “HEALTHY”? Below are some useful tips for you when you eat out. ✌🏻✌🏻

1⃣ Choose 5 Colors Food 🌈🌈
Based on National Health and Morbidity Survey, 94% of Malaysia do not have enough fruit and vegetable every day. Ask yourself, have you took 2 servings of fruits 🍒 and 3 servings of vegetable 🥦 today? If haven’t yet, start practicing this good habit now.

According to Nutritionist Jenny, different colors of fruits and vegetables will provide us different kind of vitamins and minerals. Therefore, we are encourage to eat a variety of food everyday by choosing 5 colors of food.

❤ Red: Healthy food for heart
Lycopene found in red fruits and vegetables may reduce the risk of prostate cancer and protect the cells against free radical damage.

💛 Yellow: Food for a healthy spleen & stomach
Yellow fruits and vegetables loaded with antioxidant – vitamin A, beta carotene, zeaxanthin and vitamin C aid in maintaining a good vision and healthy spleen and stomach.

💚 Green: Liver cleansing food
Green fruits and vegetables provide you lots of nutrients such as folate, chlorophyll, fibre and minerals. Chlorophyll helps to detoxify your body by eliminating the toxins from your body.

🖤 Black: Healthy food for kidney
Antioxidant – resveratrol, zeaxanthin, flavonoids, phenolics from purple color food act as anticarcinogens, by inhibiting the growth of cancer and tumor cells. Regular consumption of black color food is good to maintain a healthy scalp & hair, as well as improve kidney function.

💟 White: Food to nourish & moisten the lungs
White color food is a powerful immune boosting food. For instance beta-glucans from oats helps to regulate blood cholesterol.

2⃣ Opt For Low Carbohydrate Food
In this hectic and busy lifestyle, more and more people are getting round, big belly, especially for those who works in the office. Taking a high carbohydrate food and lacking of exercise are the factors that lead to overweight and obesity. Next time, when you eat out, try to opt for low carbohydrate food.

3⃣ Avoid Deep Fried Food
I’m sure that most of you like to eat deep fried food. However, do you know that the calories of the food after deep fried is much more higher compared to steamed, boiled and stir-fried food?

By changing your eating habit, I’m sure that your body will be getting better and healthier. 💕❤

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